Morrison's announcement could mean that international borders would open a month earlier than the current schedule of December 17 [File: Loren Elliott/Reuters] Australia is ready to gradually reopen its borders, the country’s prime minister has announced, 18 months after citizens were banned from travelling overseas without permission and thousands of Australians left stranded abroad thanks to a strict quota on arrivals. Australians will be able to return home and travel overseas “within weeks” as 80 percent vaccination targets are met, Scott Morrison announced at a press conference on Friday. “The time has come to give Australians their life back. We’re getting ready for that, and Australia will be ready for takeoff, very soon,” Morrison said. Officials say the state of New South Wales (NSW) is most likely to hit the 80 percent vaccine target before other states, and could become the “test-bed” for allowing Australians to leave the country. “There click to find out more will be a cautious and staged approach in terms of what’s undertaken,” Finance Minister Simon Birmingham told a local news channel. Currently, the government has set a border ban until December 17. [Traffic]

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Scientists have historically thought that humans traveled across the Bering land bridge that connected Asia to North America around 13,000 years ago, after the massive Laurentide Ice Sheet that once blanketed much of North America had check this site out started retreating into the Arctic (SN: 6/26/18). But a slew of more recent discoveries from across North and South America — including roughly 30,000-year-old animal bones from a Mexican cave (SN: 6/9/21) and stone tools from Texas (SN: 7/11/18) — suggest that humans may have arrived far earlier.   At White Sands National Park in New Mexico, Bennett, of Bournemouth University in Poole, England, and colleagues used several methods to calculate the ages of the newly described tracks, including radiocarbon dating of aquatic plants embedded in and between the footprints.     Headlines and summaries of the latest Science News articles, delivered to your inbox “One of the beautiful things about footprints is that, unlike stone tools or bones, they can’t be moved up or down the stratigraphy,” he says. “They’re fixed, and they’re very precise.” But some archaeologists aren’t yet convinced of the footprints’ ages. Loren Davis, an anthropologist at Oregon State University in Corvallis, says that he would like to see the researchers use other validation techniques to check the dates before “breaking out the champagne.” “This is the kind of stuff that makes you rewrite textbooks,” Davis says. “For the good of the field, we need really high standards.” But if further verification confirms the age of the tracks, he says the discovery will “show us that people have this amazing ability to survive and thrive during a time when global conditions were extreme.” The tracks were created over two millennia mostly by children and teenagers wandering through the patchwork of waterways that defined the White Sands area during the Ice Age, the researchers say. The footprints were found alongside those of mammoths, giant ground sloths and other megafauna that flocked to water in the largely arid landscape. Bennett is planning on returning to White Sands after the pandemic to continue studying human footprints, hoping to learn more about the people who made them. “Footprints have a way of connecting you to the past that’s like nothing else,” he says. “It’s very powerful to put your finger in the base of a track and know that someone walked that way 23,000 years ago.” Questions or comments on this article?

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